From the way we communicate, to the way we drive, to the way we educate, the world is changing so why not how we build in the 21st century. 

Enhanced Productivity is the challenge of the 21st century. We have seen how the Internet, Smartphone, & Tablet have helped increased productivity in many industry. Our goal is to bring enhanced productivity to the building industry thus changing the way builder's build in the 21st century.

Through the magic of Lego® blocks & Erector Sets a child today can rapidly build amazing models of structures with an ease and simplicity that amazes all. We at Erector4Builders™ asked why builders cannot build real world structures with the same speed, ease and simplicity. The answer we arrived at was "We Can

By taking advantaged of material advancements in low weight Structural Cement Panels and Low Gauge Steel and combining it the new engineering concept of Modular Stacking, Builders can build Multi-story structures in less time and at less cost with higher Quality, and the use of a single trade/vendor. By using the new engineering concept of Modular Stacking, and thus building more of the structure in a factory, Developers can benefit from all the advantages associated with assembly line production including the use of CAD & CAM, Automation  and Economics of Scale.

Erector4Builders™ Strategic Objective is to help Developers, Architects and Modular Manufacturers make optimum use of this new, 21st century, Modular Stacking Technology. Our experienced team Of Structural Engineers, Architects, and Industrial Engineers help Developers and Architects make Optimum use of Modular Stacking Technology. With our help Developers and Architects will be able  to Build  Buildings like those below

while Saving Time and Money!

Modular Stacking is the Future
Technology of the 21st
The Future is Now!


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